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An Audiovisual Installation by Roly Skender

The ocean is mesmerising, destructive and sublime, affecting the very survival of our species through forces that are both cyclic and unpredictable. LightWaves is a playful reference to the power of the ocean and our multi-layered relationship with it. The installation invites curious audiences to spend time in a virtual ocean, reflecting on its real-life counterpart as a powerful element of nature that influences nearly every aspect of our lives.


LightWaves is a dynamic audiovisual artwork that recreates a primal oceanic force in digital form. Giant, slow-motion waves build to a peak and crash in high resolution, immersing audiences in projected light and atmospheric sound through a mesmerising cyclic spectacle.


The wave is a source of wonder and respect, simultaneously a metaphor for both predictable patterns in our environment and the unforeseeable, seemingly chaotic future. It is also a geometric form we use to describe sound, light, cultural movements, and the forces that create history. So familiar is its shape to our way of thinking that we rarely give it a second thought. In this context, LightWaves invites its audience to reconsider their relationship to the ocean and the waves that propagate through its watery medium.


A dynamic monument of light and sound, this exhibition is brought to life through advanced video projection, sound and camera technology. Silhouettes play against the illuminated vertical canvas, becoming part of the scene against the giant waves which dominate them. The floor presents a second lighting/projection surface, synchronised with the rising and crashing sets of waves on the main canvas. The work naturally shifts between the calm and turbulence of the ocean it represents

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