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Flow State


A Gathering Place and Ephemeral Monument to Time.

Flow State takes root in the experience of water, fed by the mechanics of memory and enabled by light. An ancient culture has survived here for thousands of years. Now we make way for the unknowable future together, sharing this space and shedding the past like a snake sheds its skin.

Flow State is an invitation...

A monumental waterfall of light, immersive and subtly interactive. The real-time simulation responds to its audience. As shadows of bodies and crowds affect the flow of fluid particles, the scale of the work becomes even more apparent, creating surprising effects downstream of movements and actions.


The outdoor space is a sanctuary surrounded by darkness, separated from the sounds of the city. Audiences linger on and relax into the illuminated environment, whose synthesised sounds are as peaceful as the digital creation's real-life counterpart.


Flow State has many layers.

Real-time Fluid Simulation Developed by Frankensound

Note from the Artist

2024 - We have created media machines that have swallowed books, songs, films, television and now... even the internet. They appear to give us much in return, but many are understandably suspicious of the gift's value. The homogenising effect of media technologies is clear. It is as if we have chosen to mix every colour of the earth in a giant blender, before looking down from the heavens, a little surprised to see such a grey, featureless landscape. This side-effect of digitising our culture has been forming since the early 1990s. Perhaps, the last unique experiences left will soon be only those we create ourselves, in the real world, for people who cannot be digitised. I hope to focus more on this.

Roly Skender - 18/04/2024

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