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Video Projection ArtAudiovisual Design and Events

Frankensound is the commercial creative practice of West Australian audiovisual artist, musician and producer, Roly Skender. Specialising in digital design, video projection and new media technologies, Skender's public installation works augment urban and natural environments, capturing the public imagination via mesmerising light-powered spectacles. His artworks include the award-winning interactive digital performer ‘The Virtual Busker’ along with large-scale projection installations ‘If Buildings Could Speak’ and ‘LightWaves’, designed to provoke curiosity and conversation as ephemeral public displays. In December 2022, Skender's collaborative work with Wardandi Elders and photographer Martine Perret, ‘Wannang Biridge’ was invited to open the Decade of Indigenous Languages at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. Frankensound also continues to create visual designs for theatre, dance and performance, with a philosophy of innovation in public, private and in-between spaces.


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